Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Press Impartiality

My latest column in Bent speaks out about press (im)partiality. You'll also remember I discussed the Jan Moir article last month.

Well it seems everyone's favourite daily periodical, The Daily Mail, is at its spitefulness again. This time, they accuse of Emma Thompson of racism against the white people of Exeter, when in fact she was congratulating the city and its university for making efforts to make the place more multicultural.

For comparison, here is The Daily Mail's article, and here is The Guardian's. I'm not sure where The Daily Mail got their 'sources', but as a journalist, I'm also aware papers make up sources to tell the story they want to publish. It's a sad fact, but true. I'm not saying The Mail made up these sources, but they may have paraphrased or selectively recorded the quotations, or else asked people who weren't at the event or who had been later influenced by the angle they were trying to spin. It just seems highly suspicious that their article is almost entirely at odds with The Guardian's. Someone has to be spinning us a line, and since The Guardian provides more context and longer quotations, I have to veer towards blaming The Mail.

It seems The Daily Fascist is still up to its old tricks.

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