Monday, 30 November 2009

Leeds University Looks for Lapdancing Researchers

I shit you not. See here.

This is rather interesting, I must admit. I've often thought there were rather a lot of lapdancing clubs in Leeds and wondered if I was the only person to notice. Indeed, a bunch of lesbian friends took myself and another gay friend to see some girls dancing once and . . . it was an odd experience. Although I wouldn't exactly call much of the dancing 'erotic'.

I'd be interested to see how frequently lapdancing does lead to other forms of 'sex work', though, and what the girls (and boys) involved think. We hear lots from the second wave feminists and conservatives (and a lot is implied by the p.3 readers of the world), but much less from this usually subaltern part of society. Billie Piper and Julia Roberts it most likely is not.

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