Friday, 16 October 2009

4/5 Ain't Bad!

Well, I have been rather busy these past few weeks! The current issue of The Leeds Guide (Vic Reeves issue) gives Troglodyte Rose a whopping 4/5 stars on p.44:

'strange, creepy, hilarious and disgusting. The uniqueness and array of ideas is mind blowing and the depiction of the underground world is incredibly real and would easily hold its own against any post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel. It's truly a visual book, and not just because of the Manga-style art work that accompanies it . . . Not for the faint hearted but a must for any fan of sci-fi.' (Reviewed by Matt Read)

To paraphrase Meatloaf (and go one better than him): Four out of five ain't bad ;-)

I've also been interviewed by the inimitable Tom Bradley over at Word Riot, here!

Finally, you can check out my first in a series of 'poem of the month' features on my website (where you can also preorder the book for £4 off RRP!).

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