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Who is Troglodyte Rose?


Date: 4d, 11th, 6m, MMXVI
Case: G772HGNS-99/GHAT
Subject: Ghata, Rose V. / Grand theft auto
Confidentiality Label: CONFIDENTIAL – highest priority

REPORT BEGINS=================
Name: Ghata, Rose V.
Date of Birth: Unknown [approx. age: early 20s]
Place of Birth: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown [prob. Subterranide]
Residence: NFA / No fixed abode.
Occupation: Unemployed. Prev. employed as a holovid/VR designer at Vitromatics, Inc. Former employer explains contract terminated when she allegedly defecated on his breakfast cereal (one bowl Thurg’s Krispie Flakes). Employer was able to give previous residence as 66A Laforte Boulevard, Quadrant 53, Sector X. Recon unable to find any trace of property at 66A or indeed 66, although town planning confirms building has been there since MCMXIV. Neighbour reported explosion which cleared area. Ghata considered responsible.
Known aliases: Rose, Trog, Troglodyte Rose. [Allegedly due to suspect’s uncivilised behaviour at dinner table and her habit of knocking people over the head with blunt instruments.]
Identifying marks/physical description: Informer Shadrach Lorz, allegedly former lover of suspect, claims Ghata has a paw-print birthmark on right buttock and two clitorises. Since informant is known drug user, report has been met with scepticism. Suspect is dark-haired, although it is unknown whether this hair colour is natural or not. Reports vary as to eye colour, which has been reported as blue, brown, hazel or green. Most definitely not red, at any rate.

Incident Details: Centurion Lionel Benassi sent to deal with disturbance at Montpelier Gardens to discover suspect and accomplice [unknown individual, reported to be an hermaphrodite] had appropriated military wagon carrying no less than six tanks. Wagon en route to Grand Heraklion Imperial Base but diverted by suspect and accomplice through Devon Amphitheatre during Subter. Olympics. No deaths reported, except elderly gentleman who slipped on a banana skin. Unable to link this satisfactorily with suspect’s activities.

Previous Criminal Record: No convictions as yet, but a number of outstanding warrants. Wanted on no less than 13 similar charges of vehicular theft, involving vehicles as varied as speedboats, motorcycles and Imperial chariots. Believed responsible or accomplice to six charges of grievous bodily harm, four charges of actual bodily harm and seven charges of possession with intent to supply. Subject has been found in possession of large amounts of mammoth tranquilliser Tipsarol, prescription angina medication, raw pit lily and prepared lolomethahydropene II. Ghata believed party in smuggling weapons across district borders on at least three occasions. Suspect also wanted for questioning regarding one case of murder. Suggest approach with caution and presume armed and dangerous.

Action Taken: Six legionnaires and Centurion Benassi deployed to arrest suspect, however suspect escaped in one of the tanks [still missing]. Justicar Hrrathnor Burgitt dispatched.

Case Status: Open / Code red – highest priority.

Comments: This is one crazy bitch! She drove through a concrete wall with a fully-armed tank just to escape us. Let’s hope we don’t run into her unarmed next time, or it might be us she drives through. [Centurion Benassi, 6d, 9m, MMXVI]

Transcribed by F. Louis Akkar. 1845.
=================REPORT ENDS

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